VANNI | Made in Italy, For Sure

Design View with Giovanni Vitaloni

How did VANNI Company start and upon which basic inspiration?
VANNI eyeglasses were born in Turin in 1990, made to see the world. Today our North American presence is well established as a key international market for the brand.

VANNI is at the forefront of the industry of creative eyewear design. Inspiration for our frames has originated from never-ending research on the best suggestions from the contemporary world of fashion, design, and the arts, and how to translate them into an industrial eyewear project.

Research on materials is very important to VANNI, as it is, together with the study of shapes and technical constructions, the core of its creative souls. Exclusive acetates or original finishing for the metal frames, matched with daring and bright colors, are the distinctive features of a unique yet recognisable collection, a mix of genius, culture and style.

What milestones has VANNI reached in international growth in terms of brand identity and market penetration?
We are committed to ensuring the quality of our glasses, without compromise. This is why our frames are entirely made in production units in the Veneto Region (Italy), where skills are deep-rooted in a history of unmatched craftsmanship.

Being able to say that our glasses are Made In Italy has always been the key to the growth of our brand identity and reputation abroad, and therefore our strong point for market penetration. In US and Canada, we work with established partners, who ensure an extensive and effective distribution network.

International eyewear exhibitions have always been the principal chance to meet our world-wide partners or to seize new business opportunities. The possibility of touching the frames and exchanging views can hardly be replaced by digital instruments, no matter how well developed.

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