Design Eyewear Group

Life is for Living

Design Eyewear Group’s watchwords for their next collections are extravagance, lively colors, and bold silhouettes. Without any boundaries, they explore new possibilities. Everything is exaggerated, full of energy and positivity. Designers choose not to put limits to their creativity and allow their fantasy to flow side by side with a little bit of craziness. The future has never looked so bright.

For the new season, DEG looks forward to find new inspirations. Frames are imbued with an energetic spirit reflected in their colors and shapes.

Materials and surfaces are mixed with contrasting colors in a completely new way. DEG breaks free from all conventions by creating unisex frames to bend both gender and shapes.

Looking into the future does not mean rejecting the past. Design Eyewear Group chooses to reinvent its traditions injecting greater energy and boldness. More details, new prints and bold extravagance pop out everywhere.

Designers explore aesthetics without neglecting functionality and comfort. Functional features and a comfortable fit ensure free movement and provide a dynamic look.

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