Essedue Eyewear

An Antique Tradition. A Unique Art

The Irpina region is the native land of Stefano Scauzillo, the founder of Essedue. The Scauzillo family worked already in the eyewear world as optical store owners. When Stefano inherited the family business in 2012, he decided to fulfil his dream of designing and manufacturing eyewear. He managed to combine his experience in the eyewear industry with his creative spirit.

Design approach
In the Essedue company, designers thoroughly explore shapes, dimensions and proportions to conceive unique frames. The brand follows the current fashion trends, but it also draws inspiration from its origins, the Italian traditions. The classic Italian models are reinterpreted in modern ways, creating a cocktail of contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance.

Essedue eyewear is a fusion of comfort and beauty. Lines are rounded and sensual, colors and hues are combined in a unique way. The result is fresh frames, providing a youthful look.

Manufacturing know-how
Essedue eyewear comes from the marriage of industry and craftsmanship. Each frame is created with extreme care. The manufacturing process entails 72 phases, 120 hours of tumbling and about 40 days of work. Most of these steps are carried out by highly skilled artisans, but the handwork is constantly supported by machines of the latest generation. Essedue can proudly claim that their frames are 100% Made in Italy, ensuring high quality standards and a high level of service.

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