Gail Spence and Prodesign

Inspired by an American and Danish collaboration

Since 1973, Prodesign have been true pioneers of the Danish eyewear industry, combining a deep expertise in optics with a strong focus on design. Over the years, Prodesign has always remained true to its heritage, conceiving comfortable yet stylish frames.

Their new collection, a seamless fusion of form and function, is no exception. Taking inspiration from nature and geometry, they pay homage to their heritage through Nordic color palettes and design traditions. However, the strong sense of optimism propels Prodesign to embrace the future.

Their new frames present exposed technical details, innovative new solutions and novel combinations of high-quality materials.

In 2023, Prodesign will celebrate its 50th anniversary and, for the occasion, it is time to look back. This brand has always stood out for a visionary approach, but now they want to take a leap into the past by re-visiting four of their most iconic frames.

The models will have a renewed look, thanks to innovative touches and design choices. They will be released one by one and the first is the iconic Gail Spence.

In the second half of the 20th century, the American born Gail Spence moved to Denmark, drawn to the Scandinavian design attitude. The marriage of the colorful, expressive American mentality and the Danish focus on function and form gave birth to her iconic aluminum frames. A design with a unique and daring style that stands out.

Prodesign joined Gail in the first launch of this piece of eyewear and 44 years later they have decided to resume the collaboration. This year the iconic frame is coming back with a contemporary take.

Drawing inspiration from the original design, Gail, and the design team of Prodesign created two new shapes with innovative temple structures, breathing new life into this iconic model.

Staying true to the original design, the structures of the frames are simple and minimalistic. The iconic cylinder hinges give a unique touch of art. Bold and bright colors are matched with redesigned, grey-colored temples. The thinner structure and the use of titanium provide more comfort and flexibility.

Gail Spence, a mix of artistry and minimalism, is designed for those who crave an unmistakable look.

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