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SILMO 2021, one of the very first exhibitions after the pandemic, has given fresh impetus to the eyewear world. For IMAGINEM, the long-awaited meeting with Amélie has been a true sign of a restart.

How did MOREL Company start and on which basic inspiration?
Since our brand is powered by different segments, we don’t follow a pattern when conceiving our frames. We truly cherish and welcome what we call “creative-accidents”. Then, it’s all about creating the conditions for our designs to succeed.

Some collections are inspired by specific materials and the name of the game can be something like “How to reveal the true nature of Aluminum”. Some others are focused on finding a way to show the ultimate contrast, like matte vs. shiny.

Sometimes we embrace a certain style, like minimalism, and through our frames we explore it thoroughly. What is important is to respect every collection philosophy and be consistent. Our approach intends to be rich and diverse, not schizophrenic!

Today we feel freer from what vintage trends dictate. Shapes are definitely still inspired by retro-fashion, but now we combine modern technologies and materials with vintage shapes without concern.

What milestones has MOREL reached in international growth in terms of brand identity and market penetration?
In Morel’s design center, designers, colorists and graphic artists work together to create the frames of tomorrow. The brand is constantly refining its eyewear craftsmanship and allows its team of experts to give free rein to their creative minds. By working with unique and high-quality materials Morel has developed a design philosophy unlike any other.

Morel’s top-tier service is the result of a solid distribution network that has been built since the 1930s. Today, Morel has more than 10 subsidiaries and is present in over 100 countries.

Many distributors became long term partners over time and together we created local subsidiaries. Then, the web brings all the elements necessary to a successful recipe: exclusive Morel management and salesforce, as well as a strong investment in IT, digital, logistic and marketing tools. This guarantees the best possible customer experience.

International business requires evolution in Company Organization and Management: how has MOREL evolved to approach new business arrangements?
Morel’s strength lies in innovation, notably directed to the implementation of its entire “digital ecosystem”. Especially during the pandemic, the company has developed a multitude of digital tools to facilitate contact and order taking.

Morel never ceases to surprise with its bold creations, innovations and implementation of efficient tools, thanks to the people at the heart of the brand.

Together, we work to promote its reputation and we share the ambition to make Morel the benchmark for French eyewear around the world.

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