Wear the Change You Want to SEA!

Philosophy and Mission
Working in the maritime industry, François had the chance to see with his own eyes the real consequences of plastic contamination. This inspired him to raise global awareness of these problems. When he approached the eyewear industry, he immediately realized that sustainability was almost non-existent. This further prompted François to take action to help save the oceans.

His efforts resulted in glasses made from recycled marine plastic. The philosophy of Sea2See is unique in the eyewear world. They strongly believe that sustainable product design, use and assembly is a duty of the entire industry.

This environmental mission does not involve only the people who produce the glasses. Every person can be part of the change, contributing with their own grain of sand. Fishing communities are strongly engaged, since they are in charge of collecting marine waste and discarded fishnets.

This leads also to an enhanced protection of the marine and coastal environment. It represents, at the same time, a social enterprise initiative: those who collaborate have also access to a new source of income from the plastic they collect.

On the other side, consumers are equally contributing to this environmental action by choosing to personally wear the change.

Frames made from marine plastic waste
Sea2See’s glasses are entirely made from marine plastic waste which is up-cycled into a reusable raw material. This is the trademark of the brand: where others see waste, they see the opportunity to create something new.

Marine plastic waste is a great source of raw material and it does not affect the quality and design of the eyewear. In fact, this adaptable, attractive material offers a high quality finish and robust, lightweight properties.

Also, the packaging is environmentally friendly, made from sugar cane extract and printed with plant-based inks.

Sea2See’s eyewear is 100% Made in Italy. Recycled marine plastic is collected by fishermen in Spain, France, Portugal and West Africa, but frames are conceived and produced entirely in production units in Italy.

Sea2See chose to team up with a family who boasts fifty years’ experience in eyewear manufacturing. They combine the traditional methods of production with the Italian “savoir-faire”. Every single piece is made with extreme care. The entire process to produce one frame can take from 8 to 24 weeks.

Inspiring Collections
The first Sea2See’s collection was launched in 2016 with a range of 18 sunglasses. Today their collection includes over 200 styles, offering a selection of looks, from fashion-oriented to timeless or sporty.

Their Autumn/Winter 20/21 Collection stands out for contemporary design, striking colors and bold combinations.

Sea2See’s mission draws more and more people, therefore the brand has added wide-ranging looks to suit all tastes. For the new season, Sea2See chooses sleek, minimal designs and thick-rimmed architectural shapes.

Lately the brand has been expanding its collection to include also the youngest eco-conscious kids and teens. The “petite” collection has now a wider choice of styles with modern shapes and vibrant, upbeat colors.

The brand’s mission inspires young people who have sustainability and social commitment top of mind. Their engagement is priceless, because, as François claims, “young people are the future of the environmental movement”.

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