From Local to Global

Identity and Uniqueness
Entering the global market is a major challenge for local initiatives. The story of these companies teaches us that standing out is the first step to go international. Forging their own identity means breaking free from conventions.

These brands have consciously chosen to break the mold, to embrace new perspectives and express their originality with boldness. In the world of independent eyewear, each of them offers something unique.

Blackfin can claim intimate knowledge of titanium and its processing. The company has kept the secrets of this precious material for years, producing light, durable frames.

J.F.REY’s distinctive feature lies in its offbeat style. Going beyond the aesthetic codes, the designers dare with bold colors and shapes to create unmatched frames, which do not reflect common trends.

Götti has embraced the style principle of reduction. Minimalism and utmost technical precision are at the heart of its essential frames.

Morel explores the expressive potential of its design with boldness, always conceiving different styes and collections. Morel’s products reflect technical know-how which has no equal among French eyewear brands.

Look Occhiali originally produced children’s glasses. Close attention to both the safety and aesthetics of children’s frames is paramount. Their latest collections for adults are imbued with the same passion and precision.

Nico Design’s eyewear represents the perfect marriage of industry and craftmanship. Its industrial products are tastefully enriched with hand-made details.

Essedue espouses a similar philosophy: it employs cutting-edge technology, while still anchored in Italian craftmanship and traditions. They combine exclusive patterns and colors for a refined design.

All these companies have remained true to their vision, building up a solid reputation. It’s essential to choose a distinctive feature, but also be consistent over time.  Consistency is the key to establishing and nurturing an enduring tradition, consolidating the brands’ character.

Research and Innovation
While a local company must forge its own identity to stand out, it is not enough. Research and continuous progress are required in the global business environment. These companies constantly invest in innovation in the eyewear field. They explore new designs to meet their client’s desires. They study and employ cutting edge technologies. The result is high performing, high-quality products from a technical and aesthetic perspective. These entrepreneurs are clearly focused on the future to anticipate needs and trends and are always ready to seize new opportunities.

Cosmopolitanism and Communication
A large company needs large spaces. Going global inevitably entails business expansion. Building up a strong distribution network and opening branches in potential areas are essential to penetrate the global market.

Cosmopolitanism is the key word, a concept at the heart of many modern companies’ philosophy. Uniqueness, research and innovation are valuable as long as the company is able to stay in touch with people and stay true to its roots.

In the digital age, efficient communication entrenches the move from a local to a global market. In this perspective, the internet and social networks represent powerful resources for companies, allowing them to bring their art and passion for eyewear into the eyes of more people all over the world.