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ic! berlin

Founded in 1996, ic! berlin makes the very finest, hand-made eyewear for people who dare to see the world through their own eyes. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, our more than 180 craftsmen, engineers, and technicians design, build, and market our original eyewear designs across 60 countries worldwide. Handcrafted eyewear, that is less about showing style, but more about expressing your attitude.

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MODO offers eyewear that delivers lightness and lasting quality. We have grown from our New York roots and now unite the city’s progressive spirit with our Italian design heritage and Scandinavian minimalism. Plus, our Buy a Frame – Help a Child See pledge has provided comprehensive eye care to over one million children in need through our partnership with Seva Foundation.

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Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-800-223-7610

OGI Eyewear

Founded in Minnesota in 1997 as an independent eyewear label, OGI Eyewear has always remained true to its original commitment — to support Independent Eye Care Professionals in the most creative and innovative ways! OGI Eyewear offers optical shops more choice and freedom by carrying six unique eyewear collections: OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose, OGI Kids and SCOJO New York.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-888-560-1060
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-877-509-7773 (Français)


Rooted in independence, Morel’s passion for exceptional design has allowed u to create frames free from constraints that support the satisfaction and well-being of our customers. Morel presents a dynamic offering of five premium collections: 1880, Öga, Koali, Lightec, and Nomad.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-800-526-8838
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-866-593-2060


It is the details that transform something beautiful into something loved. The OWP Collection combines elegant German eyewear designs, exclusive materials and exceptionally high quality. Whether exciting feminine or timelessly elegant: each of our creations impresses with its unique character and is the perfect statement for the fashion conscious women.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 877-569-7872
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 800-361-5045


Confidence, individuality, signature style. That’s what FYSH eyewear is all about. Designed for the strong, independent woman looking to showcase her unique personality, FYSH combines the latest runway trends with the colors of the season, resulting in bold frames featuring fun hues, intricate patterns, and eye-catching shapes.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-855-455-0042
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-514-383-0042

KLiiK denmark

Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design, KLiiK denmark eyewear is crafted specifically for the narrow PD consumer requiring smaller eye sizes. The minimalist design is elevated through quality materials, bold coloration, custom design elements, and an array of interesting patterns and textures.

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Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-514-383-0042


INVU ultra polarized sunglasses are one of the top-selling sunglass brands worldwide.  INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group stands for innovative polarizing lens technology and state-of-the-art materials crafted into affordable, fashionable eyewear.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-800-621-4108
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-800-621-4108


Celebrate Indigenous Art with Us! We believe that art is transformative, and that eyewear can be the canvas to share stories and art from around the world. We are committed to the details and realize that beautiful design takes time, precision and attention. AYA Eyewear is truly a brand that stands out from the crowd.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 877-377-6601
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 877-377-6601

Spectacle Eyeworks

Spectacle Eyeworks is a Canadian Independent Brand & Company; it blossomed onto the optical industry in 1996. Spectacle Eyeworks has maintained a reputation for producing premium quality frames within four collections, Spectacle Eyeworks, Pussy Galore, RETRO, ANiSA, displaying ingenuity in design, offering unsurpassed customer service unparalleled to any other company in the industry.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 888-722-3322
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 888-722-3322


At the origin of ba&sh are Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, two designer friends, united their common love for fashion. Their wish? To bring to life the wardrobe of their dreams and share it with other women. A brand thought by women, for women. The ba&sh style is essentially Parisian, combining finesse and freedom of expression. In keeping with the brand’s image, ba&sh frames stand out for their bohemian-inspired chic style and their simple, playful elegance.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 800-361-5045
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 800-361-5045


FEB31st was born out of a respect for nature and the people who harness it in their work and lives. Our mission is to give the freedom of choice and customization in eyewear, using natural materials in a sustainable manufacturing process. Every FEB31st frame is hand built in Italy by artisans to create one of a kind eyewear pieces, reflecting the uniqueness of the world around you.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 (267) 761-9662
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 (267) 761-9662


Founded in 1878, Lozza is the oldest eyewear brand in Italy.  An emblem of Italian style, Lozza is rooted in classicism and refinement and infused with vintage inspiration that transcends generations to give rise to innovative designs with a contemporary flair and refined models that offer classic lines revisiting the 70s.

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Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-800-423-3023

David Green Eyewear

In a world of mass production, duplication and replication, DAVID is decidedly different.  Inspired by the uniqueness of nature. Every creation is a one-off.  For those who desire to be bold with design that echoes their individuality DAVID creates eyewear as unique as nature herself.  Handcrafted from the finest raw materials using real nature.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 913-972-7270
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1 913-972-7270

Kirk & Kirk

The Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since 1919. Three generations later, inspired by their heritage and twenty-five years of passion for eyewear, Jason and Karen proudly present Kirk & Kirk. Handmade in France, our frames are crafted from Italian acrylic, making them extremely comfortable to wear.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-267-773-6670
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-267-773-6670

Stellis Eyeworks

Stellis Eyeworks is a Canadian company inspired by future fashion and artistry. Informed by our experience as opticians, we base our design synthesis on strong lines, timeless movements and daring personalities. Destined to become unconventional classics, Stellis Eyeworks indulges the avant-garde while maintaining versatility and character.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-647-964-6479
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-647-964-6479


Starting with a passion for big mountain exploration, Julbo, a French company, has been revolutionizing the eyewear industry since 1888. For over 133 years, they have been protecting the eyes while nourishing the dreams of sport enthusiasts. From extreme disciplines to everyday life, they propose several models specifically designed and adapted to each distinct environment. Julbo proposes ophthalmic and sun eyewear, as well as Nordic and Alpine googles, for men, women and children, always with their outdoor spirit in mind and their commitment to allow everyone to see the world even better.

USA Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-802-651-0833
Canada Website  Instagram  Email  Phone 1-800-361-5045


Vontélle Eyewear is a luxury eyewear company providing bespoke textiles & prints from the African Diaspora on optical frames and sunglasses. We offer sizes that compliment diverse faces, fulfill prescriptions and custom lens color/tints including blue light blocker lenses. Most importantly, Vontélle has partnered with WIN (Women In Need) a New York City organization with 13 shelters and provides free eyewear to women and families in need.

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