Italian Eyewear – A History of Sensual Sophistication and Luxury

Italian Eyewear has a rich history of luxury and style sophistication. The Italian landscape, especially the northern regions, is dotted with hundreds of artisanal eyewear craft shops where skills and know-how are transferred through generational knowledge. The tradition of Italian Eyewear lives on today, with renewed focus on sustainability and environmental conscientiousness.

Independent Designer Eyewear: A Guide to Modern Luxury for Fashionable People

If you look back at all our pivotal eras in humanity, you will see examples of fashionable eyewear trends that define each era. Many celebrities, music artists and key opinion leaders can be identified by their unique eyewear which is often part of their personal brand. In a world were marketing dollars and distribution [...]

The Importance of Independent Eyewear Stores: 5 Benefits Of Buying Glasses From An Independent Optician

When you are looking for the perfect pair of eyeglasses, the options can sometimes seem overwhelming. Many eyewear consumers have never enjoyed the luxury of being pampered by an independent optician. Like the stylist you may visit or the salon you may frequent, an independent optician is committed to making you look and feel [...]

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